Monday, November 30, 2009


While in Texas we were lucky to visit with our friends, Michelle and Brian. There were in Houston visiting her parents, so they flew to Austin and we had lunch with them at Lakeway Resort and Spa. Hayley loved laughing at Andrew run around and be silly. Andrew tried to teach Hayley how to crawl, but got tired after trying so hard. Afterwards we went to visit my friend Kimberly who just moved to Austin last year. She works at Cupprimo, a cupcake bakery, so if you are in Austin and looking for a yummy treat, you should swing by.

daddy and his princess!

mommy and buggy!

michelle and I with out babies

Thanksgiving 2009

michelle and I

andrew trying to teach hayley how to crawl

kisses...but just on the hand...daddy would let him get any closer:)

what's that silly boy doing?

The Wings and the Robers

trying to convince michelle she can handle 2 kids

with andrew's can never have too many:)

4 Shoutouts!:

Ali and Scotty said...

That is so funny that Andrew was showing Hayley how to crawl. It looks like she is just about there!

Blake Bunch said...

So sweet! My really good friend lives in Austin (well, Cedar park) and she loves cupcakes and spa days! I will send her to that shop!

The Naves said...

Fun you were all able to meet up, Paige you look great!

Emily Sue Orrick said...

Oh you passed right by my neighborhood on the way to Lakeway resort!!! Hope you had a great time in Texas.